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Shook Ankles: Come Home, Allen

If you’re a basketball fan, when you watch this clip a mix of different emotions should wash over you. The first is shock, which should instinctively bring a closed fist up to cover your newly wide open mouth.  After you’ve gotten over what you’ve witnessed, the next emotion might be pity.  The victim in this video, Antonio Daniels, is out of the NBA after bouncing around the league through his mildly disappointing career. No man should wish this level of embarrassment on another (He falls twice! What was he thinking!) And the final reaction, after you’ve splashed a cup of water in your face and let your brain descramble itself, is sadness. Instead of fading away as a well deserved first ballot Hall of Fame marvel, Allen Iverson is putting on his Brett Favre mask in Turkey. Those who watched him play remember a fearless competitor who will go down as the greatest pound for pound scorer in league history.  Let this clip be a tribute, and please enjoy it.

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  1. Seifer Sutherland
    January 25, 2011 at 2:13 pm | #1

    I know ya broke, you can sleep on my couch, just come home Allen. I need an Answer! You can use my plethora of guilt-drenched Iverson jerseys as blankets.

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