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Shook Ankles: Basketball’s Social Network


Remember the summer league magic? The dream-like wonder that Jeremy Lin’s fairy tale story instilled in the hearts of fans everywhere? Well, right now he’s making his opponents in the D league look like they belong on the bench (in the D league). I always thought a cool nickname for Lin could be “The Social Network” because with neck snapping passes and swift, ankle breaking handle, he’s able to connect all of his teammates. He also went to Harvard. Unfortunately it probably won’t work for two reasons: “The Social Network” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue when you’re shrieking in an arena and nicknames shouldn’t go to players who’ve racked up 33 points in their entire career. Regardless, someday soon he’ll be Stephen Curry’s everyday backup. When that day comes the Warriors will once again transform into almost everybody who watches basketball’s second favorite team.


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