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Shook Ankles: Poor Andre Miller

Since he entered the league over a decade ago, who has had a more underrated go than Andre Miller? Seriously, who? Apart from inconsistent defense late in his career, a sometime questionable shot selection, and a reclusive personality, what isn’t to like? He’s the type of point guard the league will seriously miss. The Tim Duncan of point guards; a solid, dying breed collection of fundamentals. I searched far and wide (for about 83 seconds) to find an Andre Miller crossover. He’s now played for five—soon to be six—teams, yet a quick “Andre Miller crossover” Google search doesn’t do him well. In all cases he’s the poor old victim, either falling over or looking like a statue. Someday, Shaky Ankles will post a positive Andre Miller clip. Somed…wait a second, we found one!


Ouch. Never mind.




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