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Shook Ankles: When Kidd Was A Kid


We’re bringing it way back on this one. Jason Kidd, a first ballot Hall of Famer, two-time Olympic Gold Medal winner, and All-Generation point guard, is now 37-years-old. My how time flies. I know this clip of a much younger, capable, faster Kidd makes Mavericks fans sad (in last night’s loss to New Orleans, he missed all seven shots he took, scoring all three points from the free thrown line) but the Rowdy Roddy Frenchman currently waiting in the wings should spice that franchise up as the years pour by.  Take a minute and reminisce greatness at its most divine hour.  Jason Kidd not only crosses up Ron Harper—a man whose wingspan resembles a small couch—but almost like he’s thinking two steps ahead of the defense, reverses direction and blows by Scottie Pippen, a phenomenal one on one defender. Just a glorious move from a glorious player.



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