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Shook Ankles: The Carlos Arroyo Experiment

The Celtics have been in dire need of a reliable backup point guard’s services for what now seems like a decade.  They’ve made several attempts in that time to patch up a rather important position with torn and tattered cloth; players who were either too young and inexperienced (Avery Bradley, Gabe Pruitt), too old (Stephon Marbury, Gary Payton), too incapable (Sam Cassell, Marquis Daniels, Tony Allen, Nate Robinson), or too hurt (Delonte West) to make a meaningful impact.

In the time between the team announcing they signed Carlos Arroyo and his first minutes as a Celtic, I would’ve placed him in both the too old and too incapable categories. Arroyo looked to be nothing more than a spot up shooter in Miami and through age had devolved into a point guard no longer adept in running a contender’s offense. So far with Boston (in 53 minutes of play) Arroyo’s turnover percentage is about double what it was in Miami (26.4 to 14.5%), but so is his assist percentage (26.9 to 15.4%). Weird. Sometimes he looks older than 31, and sometimes he looks three or four years younger. There’s a good/definite chance he’ll never look like he did in this clip ever again, but that isn’t what Boston needs. The big question is this: Did Arroyo pack more in his bag than a jump shot?


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