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Shook Ankles: Ben Gordon Makes Barbosa Dizzy

If you’ve ever played basketball in your life then you’re well aware that crossovers are as ingrained in the game as the hardworking defenders who subsequently embarrass themselves trying to stop them. But to be fair to all those who’ve taken a spill trying to stay in front of that tricky pill, these guys are only doing so because they’re trying. They’re trying to move as quick backwards as their man is moving forwards. They’re trying to read their opponent’s mind and guess which way they’re headed, which direction they want to go. This clip does not fall under the same category. Leandro Barbosa puts forth about the same effort as a hungover clown hired to entertain a little girl’s birthday party. Ben Gordon’s move is a gross one, don’t get me wrong, but come on Leandro! At the very least take a little tumble. That way you’ll at least let the people who love you know you’re trying.


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