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Shook Ankles: Jamal Crawford Makes Bosh Stew

Despite his shooting numbers taking a slight dip across the board this season, I still believe Jamal Crawford and the Sixth Man Award belong together; skipping along a moonlit beach, hand in hand, grinning ear to ear. But alas, thanks to some stiffer competition this season, it likely isn’t meant to be. The emergence of Glen Davis, and the usual Lamar Odom/Jason Terry combination are each, apparently, ahead of him in the race. But wouldn’t it be cooler if the award went to someone who was a little more committed to, you know, coming off the bench? Someone who didn’t start a single game for the entire year? Odom (34 starts), Davis (10), and Terry (10) all have played a slightly heavier role than sixth man for their respective teams this season. Crawford? Zero. Both this season and last (when he won the award).

And this could be his last chance at grabbing what he’ll most be associated with once his career comes to a close. The 31-year-old Hawk is losing his explosiveness, attacking the rim less and less; 68% of his shots are launched from at least 16 feet. Then again, who cares about numbers when the clip above gives direct evidence to the contrary. If I had one vote, Jamal Crawford would surely get it.


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