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Shook Ankles: LeBron James Is The Best Point Guard

In all seriousness, just stop the game after this play because you aren’t winning. Normally LeBron James is a very large man, but with the ball in his hands—moving 60 feet in just a few seconds—he’s undetectable. When he’s able to slither through defenders, untouched and ignorant of defensive efforts to impede his progress, James is at his most impressive level.  The way this man can not only pull this move off and blow by a (supposedly) quicker point guard, but follow it up with a high percentage pass resulting in a dunk, is something nobody, with his physical makeup, in the game’s history could do. The dunks and trailing blocks are entertaining and add to the package that is LeBron James, but moves like this are what make the league’s most hated player one of a kind.

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