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Shook Ankles: Playoff Throwback! Dumars Dances Around MJ

To be honest I’m not positive that this actually took place in a playoff game, but being that it’s a timely topic let’s pretend it did. Whenever Michael Jordan falls over on a basketball court, chalk it up as the rarest of the rare—even rarer than Chris Paul keeping his mouth piece in to taunt a helpless defender or Kevin Durant smiling after a precise fourth quarter crowd silencer. The inconceivability of it all almost overshadows how brilliant the move is, the quickness in Joe Dumars’ legs to spin like that and then finish with a difficult reverse is the stuff of wondrous athleticism. And the way he runs back on defense praying Jordan was briefly stricken with short term amnesia makes the whole thing feel like there should be a “Part II: MJ Strikes Back” B-side. Props to Joe, didn’t know he had it in him.


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