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Shook Ankles: Dark Days Are Coming

Wellp, this is what we all feared: Miami’s grand scheme looks to be aligning just as it was dreamt up between Beijing two-a-days.  The Heat are looking dynamic, cohesive, and machine-like in executing their transition game off of turnovers. LeBron’s quietly dominating the postseason and is joined by at least two other teammates in each game. The most notable comrade, of course, is Mr. Wade.  Holding an obvious bias towards the Boston Celtics, these two moves felt like vomit inducing knees to the sternum, a la Gary Busey. The first on Kevin Garnett was a perfectly executed Euro/Manu/Rondo/Durant step (but hardly worthy of an obliged touch foul), and the second on Ray was a solid cross, but not so sure it was the only culprit in his slippage—there was a wet spot, even Kenny Smith agrees! The winner of this matchup will take it all. You heard it here first, or maybe for the four dozenth time.

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