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Shook Ankles: O.J. Mayo’s Coming Out Party

Last night O.J. Mayo saw himself in the Grizzlies’ starting lineup for the first time since early April, when his team was actively trying to lose basketball games. He was tremendous, going 6-12 from the field for 16 points, four boards, and four (!) steals. What most sticks out to me is his ability to stretch the floor, allowing Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol to do what they do best, unimpeded with no double teams. (Randolph absolutely murdered Serge Ibaka when the two were on an island last night.) In the first postseason of his young career, Mayo’s shooting 43% from the three-point line. For Memphis in these playoffs he’s fourth in scoring, third in assists, first in three-pointers, and he’s averaging more minutes a game than Shane Battier, Tony Allen, and Sam Young. He’s still the same guy who insists on driving wildly to the basket every now and then, but quite possibly for the first time in his professional career, O.J. Mayo’s giving his coach a legitimate reason to keep him on the floor.

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