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Shook Ankles: Going Back In Time With Kevin Garnett

Physically speaking, this shouldn’t happen. A seven-footer shouldn’t have the hand eye coordination to cross anyone up, let alone an NBA All-Star. But this is arguably the league’s most athletic freak ever put together. He was a supreme rebounding Kevin Durant with post moves, better court vision, and defensive ability while the real Kevin Durant was in elementary school. He’s a once in a lifetime player and watching his career come to and end has either been very difficult or filled with vengeance, depending on what side of the fence you’re leaning.

As the Celtics saddle their horses for one final go at a championship with Garnett as their defensive anchor, a small measure of consequence remains on the line. Garnett’s a first ballot Hall of Famer, there’s no denying that. But as a new wave of audacious talent springs itself into the league, ready to take what’s isn’t necessarily theirs before their time has come, can Garnett further reinvent himself and help prop up the Celtics fast closing window? If any player has what it takes inside, it’s him.

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