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Shook Ankles: Shannon Brown Doing Shannon Brown

The Laker Killer B’s could be the least intimidating, most inaccurate nickname for a threesome in the history of professional sports. Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and Shannon Brown; a band of journeymen who’ve collectively played for 15 different teams and in these playoffs, only Brown managed to post a double digit scoring game (twice, in LA’s final two games of the season). Nobody in particular played well for L.A. in their unexpectedly short postseason. In the aftermath, starters like Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, and Andrew Bynum carried an almost unfair percentage of the burden while the team’s bench was really the most glaring weakness.

Of the three B’s, Shannon Brown is the only one who has anything left to offer moving forward. Apart from his athleticism, which is more or less what he’s most known for, Brown’s true shooting percentage stayed the same despite taking over two more shots per game—a definite good sign—but while his three-point percentage took a two point hike, his rate from 16-23 feet took a noticeable fall from 41 to 33 percent. Sometimes players try to prove they can do what they can’t, accentuating their weaknesses instead of playing to their strengths. For Brown, that’s attacking the basket and staying aggressive when those more talented teammates are diverting the defense’s attention. More crossover, less fadeaway.



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