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Recommended Reading: Goodbye NBA

Haven’t broken one of these guys out in quite a while, but this morning it just felt right. Now that basketball’s over until the draft—and then REALLY over after that—what’s left to do but read about the game, watch some cool stuff on youtube, and laugh at the Miami Heat? Exactly. 

1) Off The Dribble: Jorge Castillo writes what everybody’s thinking. What is LeBron James’ problem?

Sometimes you want to feel bad for him. Then he does something that sweeps the sympathy right out of you, and makes you wonder what kind of advice he’s getting — if any at all.

2) Grantland: Bill Barnwell analyzes the Mavs J.J. Barea; one of the top 10 most exciting players to ogle in the world. After giving us one of the most dominating performances in NBA playoff history (pound for pound) will Dallas be able to keep him?

3) NBA: People are watching basketball again! So whaddya say we forget about this whole lockout thing and let bygones be bygones?

The Mavericks’ 105-95 win over the Miami Heat on Sunday on ABC drew a 15.0 overnight rating. That’s the best for a Game 6 since 2000, when the Lakers clinched a title over the Pacers. There had been five series since that went at least six games.

4) Jason Whitlock: Who is this guy? The Fox Sports Columnist believes Miami should break up the Big 3. See next link.

5) NBA Trade Machine

6) Youtube: Remember Pooh Jeter? Consider him banished from all league functions.

7) Wayne Winston: A guy who used math to predict a Mavs championship breaks down all the important adjustments Rick Carlisle made during the series.

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