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Shook Ankles: Hey Iverson, Kindly Accept A Lesser Role?

Ah yes, the many a tribulation one’s massive ego can cause. The great Allen Iverson—a player who, for better or worse, defined an entire generation with his fearless nature and never before seen handles—should once and for all set his personal beliefs to the side, adapt and package his game in the 15 minute a night variety, and make one last comeback. Expectations can’t be any lower than where they currently sit, and I for one have yet to give up on the man. (And by “yet to give up” I mean “am selfish and want to watch him play again, even if it’s a hopeless situation.)

Watching him in the second Philadelphia go around managed to be familiar in an incredibly unfamiliar way. The name on the 76ers jersey was the same, but that was no Allen Iverson; 47 percent of his shots were assisted—an incredibly high number for one of the sport’s most historically inventive self-creators. But maybe that’s the only sign we need to tell us that guys who played well with the ball usually don’t age well. It’s Kurt Thomas, Tony Battie, and Jeff Foster who look like they’ll be around another 24 seasons. Big oafs who grab rebounds from their tippy toes, set screens that only occur off the ball, and clog up the paint,

It’s all the more reason why watching the near cremated ashes of Mike Bibby “play” for a title while Iverson sat alone somewhere made my blood boil, and I know at least five people who enjoyed watching Iverson play more than I did. Can he put his mind to amending his style, coming off the bench for a team like, let’s say, Charlotte, and finishing one last season in a true Hall of Fame worthy style? His legacy won’t be effected either way, but this selfish fan wants to see some more.

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