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Recommended Reading: The Always Smoove Kanye West

Here’s a few NBA related links to digest. Some truly interesting stuff (plus a funny picture of Kanye West!). 

The Basketball Jones: Oh that Kanye. What a sly fox.

Tom Ziller: The Milwaukee Bucks participated in a three team trade on draft night that still seems a bit unnecessary. Did they get better?

WSJ: Interesting article discussing the Knicks and what could’ve been had they held onto all those draft picks through the years.

The Point Forward: Wonderful interview with a man who could be walking into a most unenviable position next season.

ESPN NBA Today Podcast: I strongly suggest downloading yesterday’s conversation with Ryen Russillo, Russ Granik, Larry Coon, and Chris Sheridan surrounding the league’s dire lockout situation. As was tweeted earlier today, it’s eye opening and 100 percent necessary for everyone who follows basketball.

Grantland: Using the Dallas Mavericks (and a car?) to showcase why important personnel decisions shouldn’t be based on advanced statistics, Wired editor Jonah Lehrer set off a firestorm of offsetting columns today. Here are a few. Enjoy.

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