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Shook Ankles: It’s Deron Williams Week

…starting now. This morning I woke up struck by just how badly slept on Deron Williams is. Yes, last season the inconceivable happened and he was dealt. It’s a perspective altering moment, making people step back a bit and wonder how someone so gifted at the game’s most important position could be traded away under any circumstances. Less than 12 months ago he was alone atop a much crowded mountain, packed with the world’s premier point guards. Now he’s getting left off top five lists. Why? I believe one of the categorical make-ups that turns any All-Star caliber player into an undeviating superstar is an ability to do something that nobody else in the world can. For example: Blake Griffin, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, and Dirk Nowitzki are all able to—either due to supreme athletic ability, physical gifts, unparalleled hand-eye skill, or a combination of all three—individualize themselves with a certain style that simply can’t be imitated. Nobody can match what they do game after game, season after season. With an ability to cross up any player in the league, shoot threes like darts, bull his way through the lane, and dunk over players who stand half a foot taller, Williams is in that category.

Deron Williams is so different than all the other superstars in the league in that we hardly know a thing about him. He rarely smiles and has yet to allow endorsement deals define his image, but now that he’s the literal face of the league’s fastest rising business oriented organization, all that has to change, doesn’t it? His personality seemed so well suited for Utah and Utah so well suited for it. The instant shredding of that relationship has now jolted one of the league’s 10 best players into a place where he seems uncomfortable: The spotlight.

While other guys say they’re all about basketball—it’s their life, pride, and joy—Deron Williams was the first to put that into action by declaring the Lockout a minor logjam in his life’s river flow, and signing overseas, in Turkey. Arriving at such a momentous life decision is always the result of a coalescence of different factors (money, exposure, well-being, growth) but a love for the game of basketball is there, in Deron Williams, and it appears overwhelming.

So, in honor of Mr. Williams, throughout the next week Shaky Ankles will deliver a slew of insanely vicious crossovers delivered by the Nets franchise himself. Recognize.

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