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Recommended Reading: The Best Of The Worst

Recommended Reading is a daily (occasional) rundown of truly superb NBA related literature, pictures, and videos. Some is brand new, others are timeless. Enjoy!

Hardwood Hype: If our views on accomplishments in sports were a bit more republican, these players would get more credit for all that personal glory they attained—at their team’s cost.

Complex: Tell me this isn’t the face of a man worth $10 million.

Grantland: Jonathan Abrams tells the NBA it should learn from its mistakes. The NBA promptly ignores him, making everyone sadder than sad.

Washington Post: In the aftermath of Kevin Durant’s 66 at Rucker, Nick Young dropped 60 of his own in a recent Drew League game. Included nugget of info from Michael Lee’s story:

Young is getting some exposure this week, with him getting a fashion spread in Edge Magazine, where Young bragged about being the “best dressed man in the NBA” while wearing a questionable leopard print tank top with orange and blue stripes.

Hardwood Paroxysm: Kinda, sorta jealous I didn’t come up with this story concept first. Great work by Danny Chau.

The Point Forward: Zach Lowe has the unenviable task of compiling a “Top 100 Players in the NBA” list. So far he’s on 71-80. Let ridiculous debates rage on!


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