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Shook Ankles: Does Steve Nash Have Underrated Handle?

Steve Nash is an amazing basketball player. Everyone knows this. He’s one of the most accurate shooters of all-time, he seems to acquire 10 assists simply by being on the court, and he makes every single player around him (opposing point guards included) appear better than they really are. Somehow, within the confines of two MVP awards and consummate respect from pretty much everyone involved in the sport, Nash’s handle has gone overlooked—an unspoken means to a reliable, stable end.  This couldn’t be more from the truth. Over the next few days, Shaky Ankles will be uncovering some of his all-time great moves. While some might label them with a slightly derogatory tag of “crafty”, I’ll go so far as to say they’re downright extraordinary. What he does to Devin Harris in this move is lightning.


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