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Shook Ankles: Is Steve Nash A Permanent Fixture?

Every player ages. Every player slows down. Every player retires. Every player expires. This was believed to be truth before Steve Nash. As of today, the Suns starting point guard is 37-years-old, and in the clip above, which took place in the 2010 playoffs, he crosses up a then 24-year-old point guard and a then 21-year-old power forward. But he doesn’t just cross them up, he befuddles them in every which way, blind-folding both youngsters and putting them on skates. Is Steve Nash the greatest 37-year-old basketball player who ever lived? Despite no statistical measures or analytical data to support the claim, the answer is a resounding yes.



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  1. joshua slater
    September 1, 2011 at 4:24 am | #1

    I wouldn’t say Nash is the best 37 year old ever, but I’d go as far as to put him in the top 3.

    1. Michael Jordan – granted he was retired at 35, but during the Finals he averaged 33 ppg while playing most of his minutes next to two defensive specialist (Harper and Rodman,) a goofy white guy (Longley) and Scottie Pippen . I can’t help but assume that Jordan would be able to maintiain at least 80 percent of the production just two years down the road. Hell, he averaged 22 5 5 and 1.5 steals at 39. Plus, even at that age, he was one of the best wing defenders in the game.

    2 Kareem – averaged 22 8 3 and 2 blocks while possessing the most unstoppable weapon in the game. I compare him to Tim Duncan.They were both the best post players of their generation and neither get the credit they deserve because of their styles of play.

    3. Steve Nash – I wanted to put Karl Malone here, but he played on a great team and Nash…well I like the vibe of his teammates, so I’ll just say they’re not the late 90′s Jazz. Nash is more important to his team than any player I’ve seen in this generation outside of Lebron and some of the Wade heavy Miami teams. Nobody else could’ve taken those weird ’04 – ’09 Suns teams and made them contenders like he did. He should have at least 1 ring, but the NBA decided that Tim Duncan has too many bare knuckles and that 1 violent hip check is the same as four feet stepping four feet onto the court to make sure their leader isn’t dead. I’ll never forgive the NBA for that one.

  1. August 21, 2011 at 2:21 am | #1

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