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Recommended Reading: Lockout, Please Be Gone

Recommended Reading is a daily (occasional) rundown of truly superb NBA related literature, pictures, and videos. Some is brand new, others are timeless. Enjoy!

Yahoo: Caron Butler is smart. Choosing between Dallas and Miami in free agency next year? What a lucky guy.

News OK: A very interesting piece by The Oklahoman’s Darnell Mayberry on James Harden, and how he has more to lose than the average NBA player.

NBC ProBasketball Talk: The Boston Celtics bringing on Josh Howard would be…what? Helpful? Crucial? Desperate? Pathetic?

HoopsWorld: Kobe Bryant talks about his love and admiration for Carmelo Anthony.

Sports Illustrated: A little throwback joint. Tony Kornheiser’s revealing 1983 masterpiece on Rick Barry.

Grantland: Rudy Gay talks with Jonathan Abrams about his shoulder injury and being an athletic Almighty, among other things.



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