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Shook Ankles: Michael Jordan, The Glutton


If various reports regarding Michael Jordan’s cold refusal of accepting an even 50-50 BRI split are true, then he is the world’s most embarrassing spokesman for unnecessary self-preservation.  Now, there’s a good chance this report is not an accurate one, but the details don’t sound ridiculous. For Jordan, they’re quite believable. By all accounts he has been an unreasonable, bitter man for much of his adult life. A refusal to give in, so admirable in him as a player, is ruthless and sickening as a middle-aged man in the real world, and it’s instigating rightful anger in the hearts of fans who used to scream his name until their throats hurt.

(While we’re here, I have a question: Why can’t Michael Jordan dress clean? He’s a multi-million dollar global enterprise who regularly associates with CEOs and business executives yet the man can’t tuck in a shirt or match his belt with a pair of $900 dollar Italian handmade shoes. The man’s style is downright shameful, and if he were to ever make a public apology for all the insensitive things he’s done and/or said in his life, this should be included. I feel bad for his family.)

Here’s Tim Hardaway doing what an uncountable number of people would love to accomplish: Embarrass a man who has it all but wants even more.


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