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Shook Ankles: Dwyane Wade’s Signature

The talents of Dwyane Wade are so well rounded and wide that it’s difficult to pin down a specific signature move summing them all up. He does a mean Eurostep, but that’s too Ginobili. Some will say it’s a blind drive to the basket aided with the ref’s whistle, but that’s too cynical. To be honest, the first thing I think of when Wade’s name comes up is his incredible athleticism on the defensive end, (the open court rejection of Tyson Chandler’s weak dunk attempt in last year’s finals still lingers) but let’s be serious: People don’t have Dwyane Wade endorse their product because he defends. He’s a slasher, a type that uses handle as a means to getting to the basket and little else. But Wade isn’t like the others. He has a mean crossover, a filthy in and out, and chooses to use deception as a weapon when he probably doesn’t have to.

If I had to pick one “signature” move for him, it’d be the step back between the legs crossover. Already with a step on his hopeless defender, Wade opts to stop on a dime and pull up for a jumper instead of continuing on to the basket. Imagine standing on a steadily moving train then having it screech to a sudden stop. Yes, you’d fall over, too.

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