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Shook Ankles: Baron Davis Could Be A Tide Turner

In all likelihood, the Cleveland Cavaliers will use their amnesty clause on Baron Davis (although, for what it’s worth, I say they give a long look at Anderson Varejao) sometime after December 9th. He’s approaching 33-years-old, and is probably most known for not caring as much about basketball as a professional basketball player should. He’s mercurial, yet oh so very talented. A complete point guard who deserves an asterisk next to those games where he seems to lack any fire in his belly, an indicator saying “sure, he only had 10 points and five assists tonight, but how many guys can get those numbers when they aren’t even trying?”

Obviously that’s not something to be proud of, and it’s certainly not being condoned here, but Baron Davis might have yet another opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of those who see him as a lazy underachiever. Let’s look at the serious irony. Once upon a time, Davis was awarded big money to be a franchise leading point guard. Years removed from that contract’s signing, he’s now positioned himself with the opportunity to play for a contender because he failed to live up to his end of the bargain. That hardly qualifies as “justice”, but who cares, it’s basketball.

If Davis ends up as the facilitator in Los Angeles, New York, or Miami, he’d be as overqualified as one can imagine. Perhaps too overqualified. He’d be forced to defer to two, three, maybe four teammates on any given night, in a role he’s never seen before. If he someone avoids subverting his new team’s chemistry, Davis’ acquisition could be the one we look at in June as deciding our 2012 NBA champion. He’s that good—too bad he’s his own worst enemy.


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