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Shook Ankles: A Chris Paul Montage Of Excellence

Since the lockout ended, nobody’s name has been mentioned in useless trade rumor related headlines more than Chris Paul. Almost all of them backtrack on earlier reports. First the Celtics are close to acquiring him, dangling their most important player in the process, then Paul won’t resign there after this season so none of that matters. Then he demands a trade to New York. Something so absurd and unrealistic that it’s borderline insulting to Paul’s intelligence such a report could be fabricated.

At the moment, it’s culminated with my personal favorite non-story headline: “Source: Paul knows Knicks lack trade assets”. That’s where we stand. Hey, sports journalism! Thanks for coming out.

Before things get REALLY out of control, here’s a little crossover compilation to remind us what all the fuss was over in the first place.

This is artwork. Paul loses his defender with a move so pretty, attempting to describe it with words would come across as offensive. Instead of losing control in the face of three collapsing help defenders, Paul manages to find a wide open David West for three. What the hell, right?

I don’t even know what to make of this. It looks like he’s lost after his favorite spin move doesn’t work as well as he expected, but then Paul adjusts by dribbling back and scurrying through a sliver of space inadvertently created by the double screen Emeka Okafor and Jason Smith put on. The alley-oop is just icing on the cake.

Paul keeps his dribble here for about 68 seconds, which is impressive enough on its own. The title says he crosses over Juwan Howard, but actually two Mavericks’ defenders get the dirty business (I see you, Devean George!). Paul hits the paint and instead of attempting a difficult floater—something almost every basketball player would attempt after pulling off such a gross move—he needles a pass to Peja Stojakovic for what ends up being a four-point play. More beauty. It’s almost as if by playing on his team, Paul’s crew is shooting on an adjustable hoop.

We’ll end with Chris Paul creating a shot for Chris Paul. The crossover here confuses the defender to the point where it’s assumed from just looking at the poor guy that he’s trying to guard an invisible person. Paul misses the shot, but because of all the attention he draws, an unhindered tip back dunk presents itself. What a special, special player.

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