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Essay: Placing A Fantasy Basketball Draft Under The Microscope, Round 2

Keeping up on an ongoing miniseries, here’s in depth, incredibly important analysis on my fantasy basketball draft, which took place on December 17, 2011. A glorious evening it was. For more info on what’s going down here, go check out the initial entry.

Round 2:

Team L: Deron Williams

Team K:  Kobe Bryant

Team J: Al Jefferson

Team I: Rajon Rondo

Team H: Russell Westbrook

Team G: Carmelo Anthony

Team F: Monta Ellis

Team E: LaMarcus Aldridge

Team D: Al Horford

Team C: Danny Granger

Team B: Paul Pierce

Team A: John Wall

Best Value: Russell Westbrook. As much distaste as I’ve reserved for the way Russell Westbrook chooses to abuse his magical powers on the basketball court, there’s no question he’s worthy of a first round selection. He scores, rebounds, makes his free-throws, and, somehow, manages to scrounge up eight assists a night. There’s no doubt last year could be deemed a “breakout” season, but Westbrook’s in his early 20′s, only getting better.

Worst Value: Kobe Bryant. There are two directions this season can go for Kobe when looking at it through the eyes of a fantasy owner: 1) He recognizes this is Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol’s show (or Dwight Howard’s) and spends the season deferring to the post, cutting down his shot attempts, and greatly lowering his influence on the team’s offense. This could result in more assists, but seeing as it’s Kobe, the difference would be marginal; 2) He throws two middle fingers up a collective Mike Brown/Mitch Kupchak ass, redefines the word “stubborn”, and sabotages the Lakers season with an outpouring of bad shot selection and refusal to accept his body’s growing number of limitations. I’d say he lands somewhere in the middle, making this pick a bit high for my liking.

Overall Reaction: A few first round caliber players like LaMarcus Aldridge, Deron Williams, and Russell Westbrook were happily snatched up as above average supplementary pieces, giving those owners an impressive 1,2 punch. On the other hand, we had a some serious reaches in the name of one-dimensional, high volume scorers. Carmelo Anthony, Monta Ellis, Danny Granger (?!?), and Paul Pierce were taken a round or two too high, as they’re only able to boost a fantasy team’s production in one or two categories. Also, guys like Al Horford and Al Jefferson were reluctantly taken. They aren’t exciting, but then again neither is car insurance.



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