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Essay: Placing A Fantasy Basketball Draft Under The Microscope, Round 3

Keeping up on an ongoing miniseries, here’s in depth, incredibly important analysis on my fantasy basketball draft, which took place on December 17, 2011. A glorious evening it was. For more info on what’s going down here, go check out the initial entry.

Team A: Eric Gordon

Team B: Rudy Gay

Team C: David Lee

Team D: Zach Randolph

Team E: Josh Smith

Team F: Gerald Wallace

Team G: Dorell Wright

Team H: Serge Ibaka

Team I: Manu Ginobili

Team J: Paul Millsap

Team K: Steve Nash

Team L: Marc Gasol

Best Value: Josh Smith. The quintessential fantasy player, getting Josh Smith—a guy who gives you a little bit of everything—in the third round is a fantastic selection. He consistently gives you 50% from the field, 8 boards, 14-17 points, 2 blocks, and 3-4 assists a night. On the actual court, he’ll take a few three-pointers with 18 seconds on the shot clock that make his coaches cry and teammates roll their eyes, but that kind of stuff doesn’t matter in fantasy, so no matter.

Worst Value: Dorell Wright. Last season, Dorell Wright led every player in the league with 194 three-pointers made. Isn’t that incredible? The Miami cast off, sent packing west just as the only team he’d ever known began bronzing the toilets in their arena restrooms; the world’s most resented rainbow was beginning to form, and Wright was forbidden to bask in its profitable glow. But he held his head high and made the move to the Bay Area a prosperous one. 194 three-pointers made and only 3,491,237 attempts to make it happen. What an inspirational story. Wright saw boosts in almost every statistical category in his first experience as a full time starting small forward, but so would every single other player in the league. With rookie Klay Thompson coming in to play the exact same role, expecting Wright to improve, let alone duplicate, his production form 2010-11 in 2011-12 is silly.

Overall Reaction: Most of the players taken in this round give solid production in multiple categories, and, apart from Wright, no pick was a swing and a miss. However, due to the condensed 66 game schedule, picking older guys who may be forced to sit out the middle of back to back to back games won’t help. The likely culprits being Steve Nash and Manu Ginobili. Then there are a few question marks in terms of what role a player will be taking in a new situation or coming off serious injury. Take Paul Millsap as a perfect example. With the expected emergence of Derrick Favors, plus the selection of Enes Kanter in the draft, Millsap could see himself go back to a bench role, and those 34 minutes per game he averaged last year will probably go down to the 26-28 range. Then there’s Rudy Gay. Great player, possibly at an All-Star level. But watching Gay assimilate himself into a Memphis Grizzlies team that had no difficulty making a deep playoff run without him could take some time, and in the shortened season there’s little time for hesitation and second guessing. Eric Gordon was quickly snatched at the turn, and as the Hornets’ go-to scorer he should blossom into a top 5 shooting guard.


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