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Essay: Placing A Fantasy Basketball Draft Under The Microscope, Round 4

Keeping up on an ongoing miniseries, here’s in depth, incredibly important analysis on my fantasy basketball draft, which took place on December 17, 2011. A glorious evening it was. For more info on what’s going down here, go check out the initial entry.

Team L: Ray Allen

Team K: Nene Hilario

Team J: Brook Lopez

Team I: Joe Johnson

Team H: Tyreke Evans

Team G: Kevin Martin

Team F: Andrew Bogut

Team E: Raymond Felton

Team D: Marcin Gortat

Team C: Greg Monroe

Team B: Joakim Noah

Team A: DeAndre Jordan

Worst Value: Brook Lopez. The pick was taken before his unfortunate injury, but still, this just wasn’t a very efficient selection given the guys who were taken later in the same round; they do what Lopez does, only much, much better. More will be spoken of this in the Overall Reaction.

Best Value: Tyreke Evans. This might be based more on personal feelings than statistical analysis, but I’ve felt this entire offseason that Tyreke Evans was due for a monster comeback year. With his foot finally healthy, he should be motivated to prove his worth as Sacramento’s franchise player; the man ownership should be getting down on their knees for every day in thankful praise. I say “should” to describe both of those reasons because my mind tells me one thing, but my heart speaks another. Evans is as talented and athletic as any point guard in the league, but he may be playing out of position. Also, words from an assistant coach this offseason about Evans and Cousins needing to buckle down and study tape on a more consistent basis has me nervous. Is Tyreke really capable of wasting all those special gifts? I hope not. This season could go a long way as to dictating what kind of player he ends up being.

Overall Reaction: Round 4 was the round of big men. Of the 12 available picks, 8 of them were centers, but the order in which they were selected deserves a bit of digging. Technically, Brook Lopez’s eyes stand roughly 7-feet from the ground, but he rebounds worse than LeBron James. His name remains popular because of the embarrassing comparable talent and the fact that he’s a really tall lottery pick for a large market team, but Brook Lopez is nowhere near a better pick than Gortat, Noah, or Jordan. I hesitate in throwing Monroe in with that group because of the smaller sample size, but in all honesty he’ll probably surpass Lopez in several categories this season.

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