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Shook Ankles: Limber Griffin Makes Rigid Noah Fall Down


Friday night’s Bulls/Clippers game was quintessential entertainment; why attendance is up and ratings continue to soar. There were lobs and dunks, a regular season point guard duel for the ages, and a playoff similar atmosphere that tricked both head coaches into playing their starters more minutes than they probably would’ve liked. Both teams played with an intense attitude that belied their general reluctance to treat the contest as holding more than 1/66 of value. And both looked as though the realization of meeting each other in the NBA Finals as a realistic possibility was burning behind their eyes.

On this play, the instincts that have made Joakim Noah such an effective defender work against him. Instead of thinking about context, and the average jump shooter threatening with a shot, he sees the up fake and closes out hard. Too hard. A window is flung open, allowing Blake Griffin yet another highlight dunk to place on his already historic personal reel. If we’re tallying the top 10 from this game alone, it’s questionable whether or not this move cracks the bottom 5.



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