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Shook Ankles: Kyle Lowry Double Crosses The Bobcats


If Kyle Lowry doesn’t win the NBA’s Most Improved Player award, appear on the All-Defense team, or make his first All-Star squad this season, the voting process may have to be investigated. With must-see stat lines that defy common logic each and every night, he’s this year’s Rajon Rondo. Last night he grabbed 11 rebounds. About a week ago he scored 2 points and dished out 18 assists. He’s locking down point guards, jumping passing lanes and maniacally making the opposition work harder than they want to. He knows where his teammates are supposed to be better than they do, and after instructing them on proper floor placement, he’s knocking down three-pointers from four or five feet behind the arc. Right now there’s nobody like Kyle Lowry in the NBA, and Houston’s the wiser team for not only acquiring him, but refusing to let him go in their search for a certified superstar. Lowry isn’t that guy, but there’s no reason why he can’t play the part of right hand man.


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