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Shook Ankles: Amar’e Stoudemire Is Defended By A Floating Beard


In my last post I was a bit harsh on several parties—Von Wafer and the Washington Wizards organization in particular—but it pales in comparison to the embarrassing act of false machismo Carlos Boozer put on display last night in New York City. Defensive statistics can’t possibly capture a sequence as atrocious as this, where a man is in terrible position, choosing neither to foul nor move his feet, presiding as the lone reason his team surrenders two points.

Looking at Carlos Boozer’s numbers and coming to the conclusion that he’s made strides on the defensive end would be like saying Amil could flow because Jay signed her to Roc-A-Fella. Surrounded by tremendous defenders both on the wings and in the front court, Boozer is able to hide within Thibodeau’s system; masquerading as a legitimate presence. It’s fraudulent activity at its finest.

Boozer’s a power forward, so to be fair he isn’t necessarily paid to take on ball handlers from the perimeter in one on one situations. But when you play both sides of the fence, this particular ball handler is taller than him and has been known to log minutes at the center position during his career. In summation, boo to you Boozer. Boo to you.



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