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Analyzing The Anomalous: Andrew Goudelock vs. Atlanta


Who is Andrew Goudelock? Well, to start this answer, he was selected 46th overall in last year’s NBA draft. Today he’s playing out of his natural position for one of the most scrutinized organizations in all of sports, yet he doesn’t seem fazed.

Goudelock thrives in chaos, excelling when nothing around him is going according to plan. When the shot clock is winding down or there’s a sudden turnover and everyone’s out in transition. It’s a wonderful indication of mental toughness, and a sign he’ll be a factor in this league for quite some time. With Kobe Bryant having a rare off night in last night’s victory over the Hawks, Goudelock gave L.A. about one quarter of impact offense. Let’s analyze.


Andrew Goudelock vs. Atlanta. Los Angeles wins 86-78. Goudelock’s numbers: 14 minutes, 10 points (2-2 from deep), 1.43 PPP (a game-high), 2 rebounds, 1 turnover.

  • In 20 fewer minutes on 1/3 of as many shots, Goudelock scored as many points (10) as Kobe Bryant. Speaking of insane things that will never, ever happen again: Jeremy Lin.
  • His TS% of 83.3% was a game-high.
  • On Goudelock’s first scoring play of the game, an insane first step was put on display as he magically turned Vladimir Radmonovic’s body from marble to granite, taking off from the free-throw line, and lofting one of the most difficult shots in basketball straight through the net. Earlier in the possession he tried the same drive from the same angle, but was thwarted by a help defender. Instead of forcing the shot—something offensive minded rookies tend to do (see, Iman Shumpert)—he kicked it out to Steve Blake when the defense collapsed. As was previously mentioned, his patience and good timing on this play were eventually rewarded.
  • At the beginning of the fourth, Goudelock made the type of shot that encapsulates how his young career has so far played out—advantageous in every sense of the word. Looking like a convoluted mess holding an eight point lead, the Lakers looked to have nothing going for them on this particular possession. After two deflections, each nearly resulting in an Atlanta layup the other way, Goudelock found himself five feet behind the three point line holding the loose ball. With the shot clock dwindling down from four, he drove left, past three Hawks defenders, and flipped up one of the highest arcing floaters you’ll ever see. Due to the shot’s angle, the ball needed to fall directly through the heart of the rim if it wanted to count. Of course, the shot fell. It was the type of play that makes you ask a two part question: who just did that, and what did they do? The type of shot very few players are able to get off, let alone make. Every time I watch the beginning of Scream, I find myself believing Drew Barrymore’s walking out of that house unscathed. Right after this shot went in I viewed the replay about six times with a reaction that balanced between suspense and awe. Each time I couldn’t believe it went it.
  • In spot-up situations this season Goudelock is averaging 1.56 PPP (71.4%), good for second best in the entire league. (Just for fun, LeBron James has attempted three more shots than Goudelock and made six fewer. He’s the 85th most efficient player in the league in spot-up situations.)



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