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Shook Ankles: Kyle Lowry Continues To Make Things Look Easy


Kyle Lowry’s season has been stupendous. The phenomenal box scores have gone hand in hand with his underrated on-court leadership, resulting in multiple wins for a Houston team most expected to hit the lottery this year. And last night we may have seen his most impressive performance. Lowry scored 32 points (on seven made three-pointers) with nine assists. He missed just four shots from the field and none from the free-throw line while holding Utah’s Devin Harris/Earl Watson point guard duo to a combined 3-13 shooting. His efficiency was just, so remarkable—teammate Luis Scola scored six fewer points on seven more shots. But numbers can’t describe everything, and that’s what this beautiful step back is for. Lowry didn’t just dominate a defense that’s currently allowing a lower eFG% than the Spurs, he repeatedly made it look easy. It’s still a wonder why he didn’t make the All-Star team. That isn’t something I’ll ever understand.


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