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Shook Ankles: Jrue Holiday Puts On A Mini Magic Show


The main reasons people use to explain Philadelphia’s success have been youth, athleticism, depth, and camaraderie. Their one flaw? In two words: relative talent. They have no elite player at any position, their leading scorer barely shoots 40% from the field and sees fewer than 30 minutes a game, and their one All-Star plays a style better suited for the third best player on a champion. But so far, the youth, athleticism, depth, and camaraderie have persevered, leading the 76ers to first place in their division. In a team-oriented situation like this, the point guard is crucial, and Philly’s is as trustworthy as any. From last year to now, his usage rate has gone up while his turnover percentage has gone down, and he’s the one player on their roster who could one day develop into a star; their least tradeable asset. How good is Jrue Holiday? His personal statistics aren’t the hottest, but his team’s are. Using that as the barometer to measure how well a point guard is playing, I’d say Holiday may soon erase talent as his team’s major flaw.

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