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Shook Ankles: The NBA’s Least Likely Handles


When he first came into the league, Danilo Gallinari was touted as a superb knock down shooter. His coach even went on to say he was the best at it he’d ever seen. It set the Italian up for a long, moderately successful career holding down a one-dimensional reputation—and a limited ceiling. Expectations were tempered and most believed he could be a solid starter on a good team—stretching the floor and creating mismatches—as opposed to a top-10 pick able to eventually become an All-Star caliber player.

Now? In the wise words of the great Notorious Frank White, “Things done changed.” Gallinari has defied all calculations. He’s now a versatile playmaker capable of dribbling, driving, throwing no-look passes, grabbing rebounds, and overall, being an aggressive and dangerous offensive threat. He’s now a borderline All-Star candidate, and the go-to fourth quarter option for a strong, deep Denver Nuggets team. We didn’t expect Gallo to come this far, so quickly, but here is. Surprised? I know I am.


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