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Show of Hands: Harden Or Wade?

Show of Hands is a feature involving you (the loyal reader) and your valuable opinion. From time to time, questions will be raised in an effort to explore the many various topics our beloved NBA has to offer. Don’t be shy; have a look and place a vote. 

Despite seeing several serious bruises on both its front line and backcourt in recent months, the United States Basketball Team will once again be heavy favorites heading into London this summer. (Basketball betting at the Olympics remains a relatively easy task.) One of the major strengths making this so is their wing play. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony could at times find themselves all on one unit, on one perimeter, relentlessly gutting an opposing team until the ever merciless Coach K takes pity and subs in Tyson Chandler.

With these playoffs serving as a quintessential coming out party for James Harden, leaving him off the team will be difficult. Not only has he shown an ability to enter the lane whenever he wants, but he has the rare ability to make others around him better; their professional life easier. At only 22-years-old, Harden was invited to tryout with the big boys this summer, while most others his age were designated to the Select Team. He’s a superstar in the making, soon to sign a max contract.

Making the next “Dream Team” isn’t about paying dues or “deserving” inclusion. It’s taking 12 players who aren’t just the best players in the world, but selfless men willing to sacrifice personal glory for the benefit of their country’s success. With a power house line up like this, it’ll raise the chances of the United States winning bets in online casinos, thus bagging another sure
gold medal. James Harden should be on the team, and it poses this hypothetical question that probably won’t be asked anytime soon: Who would you rather take: Harden or Wade? And while we’re here: right now, who’s the better player?

It’s a question that might seem crazy on the surface, but choosing the youngster might not be so impractical.


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