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Recommended Reading: Blake Griffin Is A Sure Man

August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Recommended Reading is a daily (occasional) rundown of truly superb NBA related literature, pictures, and videos. Some is brand new, others are timeless. Enjoy!


Henry Abbott: So I have to ask, would you go play in China or Europe if the opportunity arose?
Blake Griffin: Um, there has been some talks. Right now it’s so early that it’s hard to say either way. I’m not opposed to it, but right now nothing is set up.
H.A.: If you were to go, where would it be?
B.G.: I have no idea. I haven’t really given it much thought, but like I said, I’ve been giving some thought to it.

Just…I don’t know. Check this out if you’re a 1930′s cinephile.

HoopsHype: Yet another amazing list from the good people at HoopsHype. This one’s an updated compiling of which sneakers are on whose feet. (As of yesterday, Danilo Gallinari and I are rocking the same kicks.)

The New York Times: As far as optimism goes…this isn’t it.

@netw3rk: Rodney White’s fourth most embarrassing moment at MSG is on Youtube!

Speaking of Youtube, we’ll fade to black with the performance everyone’s talking about: Kevin Durant getting downright satanic at Rucker Park.

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Recommended Reading: Samaki Walker…There Are No Words

Recommended Reading is a daily (occasional) rundown of truly superb NBA related literature, pictures, and videos. Some is brand new, others are timeless. Enjoy!

Hoopshype: What everyone who follows basketball wants: A well organized list of every NBA player who has either been rumored to go overseas or already signed there. Steph Curry and Ty Lawson are two of the more surprising players supposedly leaning towards making a move.

Deadspin: Former NBA vagabond/memorable awful suit-wearer Samaki Walker tried to eat eight grams of weed during a routine traffic stop yesterday in Arizona.

Marc J. Spears: Apparently Tyreke Evans is as confused about the Jimmer Fredette draft pick as the rest of us.

Hoopism: A very cool graphic recap of the 2010-11 season.

GQ: When an embarrassing haircut costs you your job.

The New Yorker: Written in 1993, here’s Susan Orlean’s comprehensive profile of former New York City high-school legend Felipe Lopez.


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Recommended Reading: The NBA Turns To Quidditch In Its Downtime

Recommended Reading is a daily (occasional) rundown of truly superb NBA related literature, pictures, and videos. Some is brand new, others are timeless. Enjoy!

7th Inning Sketch: Gary Finkler, creator of this delightful cartoon and sport hybrid of a website, reached out a few days ago to spread the word, so here it is: The site’s a must see. Especially if you’re into magic.

ESPN 5-on-5: In their daily series analyzing each position’s totem pole, various True Hoop scribes and some random people on Twitter take a look at LeBron James and everyone else. Or as it’s sometimes referred to as, the small forward position. Interesting who almost everyone agreed to be the position’s most overrated player.

Hardwood Paroxysm: It’s so hard to explain why Andrei Kirilenko is still a relevant basketball player. Yet he remains so. FINALLY!

Recommended Reading: The Always Smoove Kanye West

Here’s a few NBA related links to digest. Some truly interesting stuff (plus a funny picture of Kanye West!).  Read more…

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Recommended Reading: Basking In A Cuban Glow

Off The Bench: With each hand well preoccupied with his two most prized items, is that Mark Cuban in the picture above? In the real world, probably not. In my world, who else could it be? Read more…

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Recommended Reading: Goodbye NBA

Haven’t broken one of these guys out in quite a while, but this morning it just felt right. Now that basketball’s over until the draft—and then REALLY over after that—what’s left to do but read about the game, watch some cool stuff on youtube, and laugh at the Miami Heat? Exactly.  Read more…

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Recommended: The Crossover On Display

Today, the good people over at the New York Times blessed us with this phenomenal mini-documentary on the crossover dribble. If you haven’t seen or heard about it, please watch right now. Don’t even read the rest of what’s written in this post. Scroll down and watch. Right. Now. (Then scroll back and read.)

The only grievance I have is its contracted length (only six minutes and 30 seconds), but the informative throwback spots with guys like Pearl Washington and Dean Berry are simply priceless, and their words are well worth every taped moment. The video stimulates one of my all-time favorite basketball related arguments: Who has the most effective crossover in NBA history? Iverson owns the most iconic, and Hardaway’s basketball legacy might be most entwined with the move, but the way modern day guys like Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, and Deron Williams break out their shimmy at the drop of a dime to not only score, but embarrass their opponents, it’s so tough to say who fits snuggest on the Crossover’s throne.

But, honestly, who cares who’s the most effective with it. The move represents so much more than evading the defender. It’s stylish. It’s elegant. It’s a big jumble of speed, power, deception, and confidence rolled into a never ending split second. And this video, combined with Shaky Ankles in its much smaller venue, has begun to recognize just how special such a simple dribbling maneuver can be.

Wait, I know that earlier I said I only had one complaint in regards to the video you’re either about to see or just saw. That was a lie. I wish I made it.

Recommended Reading: Where Kevin Love Openly Wishes He Was Carlos Boozer

1) In doing research for an article I’m writing over at Buckets Over Broadway, I stumbled across this Chris Sheridan chat. Great stuff if you’re currently chasing the Knicks bandwagon.

2) In the aftermath of last night’s near epic brawl at the Staples Center, Rob Mahoney, who’s taken over for Zach Lowe this week at TPF, offers some advice on how to improve the league’s replay rules.

3) Red94′s Rahat Huq writes amicably about the this month’s Mr. Underrated. Hopefully he doesn’t become next year’s Mr. Overrated.

4) Mr. Love isn’t afraid to speak his mind about what he wants. And what he wants is cohesion, dammit!

5) As far as enthralling blog posts on the NBA go, this one takes the cake; very in-depth look by Hoopspeak’s Beckley Mason on the difference between the defenses in Miami and Boston.


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Recommended: Where There Won’t Be Any “Decisions” In 2011 Free Agency

March 25, 2011 Leave a comment

1) If you haven’t already seen it, one of my favorite writers, Bethlehem Shoals, took on the upcoming cycle’s least important free agents. It’s neither a sanguine nor pretty open market out there.

2) Last night David West suffered what might be a career shifting knee injury. In recent weeks he’s been quite talkative about his upcoming free agency; rightfully optimistic, sounding like a player who’s ready to reap the benefits of all the hard work put forth towards his profession. The primal screams that can be heard from the video linked above are as difficult to hear as anything in the sport, and I can only hope a good guy like West comes back stronger than before. On the long list of Things That Aren’t Fair In This World, a dedicated athlete tearing an ACL is definitely up there.

3) Not to be a selfish Sally, but if Kevin Love’s really out the rest of the year with a groin injury, my fantasy basketball team can kiss its championship chances goodbye.

4) Video evidence that the game’s most intense man is for real.

5) I like StatsCube. You should too. Here it takes a look at who should win the Most Improved Player award.

6) Great article on the staying in school vs. leaving early argument.

7) Hardwood Paroxysm’s wonderful look at the pressures Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant have ahead of them, and how they could shape the two youngsters.

Recommended Reading: New Faces In New Places

1) Of all the players dealt last week, Marcus Thornton has arguably (an argument you’d certainly lose) made the greatest impact on his new destination.

2) Eric Gordon wants to be the Kobe Bryant of San Diego. And this is why.

3) Why basketball’s small city markets will (hopefully) never look like baseball’s.

4) The league’s rookies are given an in-depth, behind the scenes, pull-the-curtain-back level of detailed analysis. Or, they’re just graded on how well they’re playing.

5) A pro-Miami Heat financial argument.

6) A new basketball blog was launched yesterday. It’ll probably end being very informative and well written. Basically on par with this one.

7) For the first time since high school, Corey Brewer is a seriously hot commodity.



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