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Shook Ankles: Revisiting Kevin Garnett’s Terrifying Prime

October 11, 2012 1 comment

Here are two Kevin Garnett (yes, that Kevin Garnett) crossovers I’ve posted for no better reason than to help get you hyped for the upcoming NBA season. The clips may be old, but just like Garnett himself, they’ve aged like fine wine (distilled with liquid rabies). Enjoy.



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A Superstar’s Struggle

How do we know when a well-decorated career has earned its last meaningful ornament? In judging these situations, even the keenest of eyes can be blinded by years of good memories, highlight after highlight playing on a loop in their mind. Sometimes there is no defined answer. Sometimes a player shades back and forth, slipping into recession for a week before reaching deep inside and pulling out the type of incredible performance that serves as a glaring light in the investigators eye line. It’s for this reason that pinpointing a superstar’s decline is beyond difficult. Call it too soon and look like a fool. Call it too late and appear sentimental.

Right now, I’m not sure where the jury stands with Dwyane Wade. His days of being an All-Star are far from over, but—foolish as this may make me sound and despite his second straight appearance in the Finals—his existence as one of the league’s franchise leading superstars could be through. Read more…

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