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Shook Ankles: Penny Hardaway Lives On

Penny, Penny, Penny. Few primes do we miss more than yours. That left to right, between the legs, spin back left shimmy was mind blowing visual ecstasy, and if we could somehow freeze the 24-year-old version of you, thaw it out, and replace Gilbert Arenas’ name with yours on the current roster, there’s no telling what type of dominant tandem the league would have on its hands down in Orlando.

Penny, you shot 51% from the field in your second year, taking only 15 shots a game. Just icing on the cake for a four board, seven assist, two steal, and 20 points per game season. Magical. You started in all four All-Star games you participated in, and registered double digit scoring for all but one (on 62.5% shooting). This clip is for all fans of the Orlando Magic. With Dwight Howard inching out the door things may look bleak in the years ahead. But as tonight’s lottery both humbles and rewards the unfortunate teams who had a rough go of it this year, a reminder is placed on an important life lesson: Patience is rewarded. Hopefully, for fans in Orlando, it takes the form of another Anfernee Hardaway.

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