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Shook Ankles: James Harden Makes Avery Bradley Stumble

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment

In one of the more fascinating individual match-ups you’ll see all season, Avery Bradley (a top 3 on-ball perimeter defender) guarded James Harden (one of the four or five hardest perimeter players to defend in the league) for much of Friday night’s Rockets/Celtics game. For the most part, Bradley stifled Harden better than anybody yet this year. But as we all know, it’s an offensive player’s league. That’s why this happened. Afterwards it was unanimously decided by me that both players are still elite in the area they’re known for being dominant. 

Essay: Getting Creative With Avery Bradley

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Isn’t this nice? Just as the Celtics are left for dead—with Danny Ainge at his desk, knuckles cracked, frantically placing calls all over the country with his heart set on finding a most affordable casket for his beloved Big 3—a mysterious, oft-forgotten adolescent with the borne name Avery Antonio Bradley Jr., pounds an adrenaline-filled syringe deep in their chest, bringing them back to consciousness, and, quite possibly, relevance as a basketball team.

With the game-changing perimeter defender Ainge promised us these last 16 months finally beginning to bloom (we always knew he could act, but ball? Things were beginning to look bleak), all of a sudden the Celtics have a pool full of options. It appears one of them is Doc changing the second unit’s offense to make Bradley more comfortable, but what I suggest is a more radical, pseudo-Wally Pipp situation. Are we discussing the permanent replacement of everyone’s favorite mercurial muskrat, Rajon Rondo? Dear LORD no. What I propose is a bit more creative, and a roster move that could inject exuberance into Boston’s aching extremities. What if the Celtics coupled Rondo with Bradley at the opening tip? What if Ray Allen came off the bench—playing about 5 fewer minutes per game—and became a focal point on the Celtics’ offensively hindered second unit? There are so many obvious negative issues with this scenario, such as a major spacing restriction for Rondo and Pierce’s driving lanes, but let’s forget about those and talk about the big picture positives for a moment. Read more…

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Shook Ankles: John Wall Is Really Fast

January 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Not many players headed into this season with higher expectations than John Wall. Thanks to the once-in-a-generation leap we saw from Derrick Rose, all young point guards coached by John Calipari must now make the All-Star team, lead their franchise to the playoffs, cure cancer, AND be named an All-NBA super human in his first three years or be declared a desperate failure. With the exact same “I” before “team” players that surrounded him last year still hanging around, Wall’s started his second season slower than we imagined possible. But don’t read into it. He’s the game’s fastest player doing the best he can with what he’s got. Players this good don’t stay down for long.

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