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Threes Nice: Cavaliers Related Hilarity

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Starting today, Shaky Ankles has a new feature called “Threes Nice” where three—or maybe two or four or 17—of the finest NBA related articles around the internet will be delivered.

Inauguration commence:

1) As pointed out in the title, the Cleveland Cavaliers season has become one for the comedic ages.

2) The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers played in a relatively meaningless game last night. Should they meet in the Finals, neither squad, if healthy, will look the same. WEEI’s Paul Flannery has Paul Pierce basically agreeing, but the Celtics captain still offers nary an excuse.

3) Off The Dribble’s Rob Mahoney breaks down how last season’s Cinderella tried too hard in the offseason to push through its ceiling. Now, it could come back and bite them for years to come.


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