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Shook Ankles: Darren Collison Needs Some Kevlar

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The most memorable crossovers are like a beautifully performed tango: both need two partners to play their part. Here, Darren Collison acts as if Tyreke Evans is dribbling a hand grenade. His eyes go wide at just the right moment, allowing the two to create a sequence all shall enjoy for the rest of time. All, of course, but Darren Collison.


Shook Ankles: Darren Collison Shows The Importance Of A Four Year Education

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

This came a few weeks ago, back when the Knicks were deplorable defensively—as opposed to their staunch improvement as of late. Darren Collison is a fine player, and one of the quicker guys in the entire league, but sometimes it seems he gets ahead of himself. Shots are forced out of the offense’s natural flow, early in the shot clock and without any teammates even near the paint to grab a probable rebound (Collison’s outside shooting percentages are down across the board from his rookie season), and they almost always come off the dribble. I know this sounds like nitpicking (Collison is the starting point guard on a team headed to the playoffs), but seeing him serve a quality team in a more reserved role seems like the more natural fit. Darren Collison in moderate doses—capable of changing a game’s pace, getting teammates involved, and relentlessly attacking the basket—could be lethal to any coach unfortunate enough to draw the task of creating a defensive game plan.


(Side Note: As I comb through all the crossover related videos one man can possibly view, the one inexplicable trait almost all of them share is the featured player’s unconscious ability to score every single time he embarrasses his man. Every. Single. Time. Here, Collison has two opportunities and misses them both. Weird.)


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