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Commentary: The WCF Are No Place For Derek Fisher

Interested in having your mind blown? Listen up. Derek Fisher was on the court for the final 17:15 in Tuesday night’s Game 2. Let me repeat: Derek Fisher was on the court for the final 17:15 in Tuesday night’s Game 2! This is the Western Conference Finals we’re talking about. For Fisher to play 17:15 straight minutes in my BSSC league would be an absolute travesty. How is this possible? Why on Earth would the Thunder ride Derek Fisher down the stretch in a crucial game that they technically weren’t out of, over someone like Thabo Sefolosha, a longer defender who can shoot threes just the same. It’s my guess that Scott Brooks’ logic here was trying to catch up with San Antonio’s dominant offense, but even with the league’s best scorer, best scoring point guard (who’s healthy), and third best scoring shooting guard (who’s healthy) on your roster, that’s an utterly inane strategy. That’s how great these Spurs have been. You don’t put out a fire by flicking matches in its direction. Read more…

Essay: The Ever-Polarizing Derek Fisher

March 22, 2012 3 comments

With Derek Fisher, you can’t have it both ways. You either think he’s a coattail clinging caddie who hit a few big shots (the most famous of them being illegal if it were to happen today), played with some of the greatest players to ever live, and made existing in the NBA look much easier than it actually is, or you respect the shit out of his work ethic, the steady stream of ice that’s run through his veins for well over a decade, and the way he’ll do absolutely anything to win a basketball game. Read more…

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Power Ranking: The NBA’s 10 Most Dreadful Players

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment


The 440-something players who make up the NBA’s current labor force are a carefully selected collection of some of the most athletic, physically gifted specimens the human race has to offer. They combine the wherewithal and vision of a flying predator with a physical ability to float, dart, and do mid-air gymnastics minute after minute. The only thing that appears to stop them is each other (or, in the case of LeBron James, themselves).

Nobody in the league is “bad” at basketball, and when we use words like “terrible” or “atrocious” to describe a player’s performance it’s understood that the adjectives are used on a relative scale to whatever Player A’s colleagues are doing. With that being said, these are the guys who haven’t been fulfilling the duties they’re currently being paid to carry out—some of them may not even deserve a roster spot in the league right now. It’s simply too tough to make an argument for anything positive they’re bringing on the court.

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Show of Hands: Who’s To Blame For Two Weeks Of Cancelled Games?

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Show of Hands is a feature involving you (the loyal reader) and your valuable opinion. From time to time, questions will be raised in an effort to explore the many various topics our beloved NBA has to offer. Don’t be shy; have a look and place a vote. 


Shook Ankles: Take That Mr. President

Off the court Derek Fisher seems like an elegant, well-mannered, respectful man. Step between those lines and he’s an overachieving, tenacious, cheap, unforgiving player. He’s also less skilled than just about everyone he guards these days. I don’t like Derek Fisher. Neither does Deron Williams.



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