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Commentary: Is Rose The Crossover King?

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

In a league overflowing with the world’s craftiest technically efficient crossovers, saying who’s the best is a tougher than tough question to answer. But NBC Sports’ Pro Basketball Talk has proclaimed Rose just that, with a clip from last night’s disappointing loss to Portland to back up their point.

It’s a basketball staple that makes the invention of instant-replay one of the 20th century’s greatest creations, and each era brings a player who drives the move further into its evolutionary cycle. The move isn’t designed to embarrass an opponent, it’s there to help the ball-handler careen his way to the basket by deceiving a pesky defender into thinking one thing and then giving him the opposite.  But when pulled off to perfection it almost always leads to the victim wishing a deep hole would open up in the court so he could dive deep into hiding. Tim Hardaway then God Shammgod then Steve Francis, Allen Iverson, Jason Williams, and Stephon Marbury all helped propel the crossover and are considered some of the best to ever do it. But is Rose the nicest today? He’s up there with the usual suspects: Rondo, D-Will, Chris Paul. I also like Jamal Crawford and Tyreke Evans.  Tough question to answer.

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Shook Ankles: Poor Andre Miller

February 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Since he entered the league over a decade ago, who has had a more underrated go than Andre Miller? Seriously, who? Apart from inconsistent defense late in his career, a sometime questionable shot selection, and a reclusive personality, what isn’t to like? He’s the type of point guard the league will seriously miss. The Tim Duncan of point guards; a solid, dying breed collection of fundamentals. I searched far and wide (for about 83 seconds) to find an Andre Miller crossover. He’s now played for five—soon to be six—teams, yet a quick “Andre Miller crossover” Google search doesn’t do him well. In all cases he’s the poor old victim, either falling over or looking like a statue. Someday, Shaky Ankles will post a positive Andre Miller clip. Somed…wait a second, we found one!


Ouch. Never mind.



Shook Ankles: Ulcers…Be Gone!

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

If snow has been uncomfortably creeping down (or up) your driveway for the past 43 days—like it has mine—this clip should make it go away.



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