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Analyzing The Anomalous: Derrick Williams vs. Los Angeles Clippers

When people look back at Derrick Williams’ career, this is the game they’ll say started it all. It was, in a nutshell, the definition of a breakout performance. With Minnesota’s two best players—one of them serving as his generation’s model of consistency–experiencing a rare night off, Williams stepped up in a monstrous way, helping his team defeat a division leading championship contender on the road. Williams’ night wasn’t just impressive by a rookie’s standards. It was the most efficient game a player’s had all season. The fact that it happened to be produced by a rookie just opens everyone’s eyeballs a little wider.

Despite putting up disappointing per game averages of 7.3 points and 4.2 rebounds, relegating this game as an aberration would be short sighted. While he may never see a similarly flawless night for the rest of his career, this should be more representative of what he’s capable of doing on a regular basis than the single digit scoring clunkers we witnessed throughout the season’s first half. Read more…

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Essay: Looking At The NBA’s Salary Scale From A Different Angle

October 28, 2011 Leave a comment

In the grand scheme of what’s altruistically important in life, I believe it’s fair to suggest all teachers, doctors, surgeons, and members of the armed forces should be given financial compensation of equal or greater value to that of which is awarded professional athletes. Their actual impact on human life is indisputably greater, more important, and further reaching. Of course, they don’t (and never will) because the businesses they’re in don’t create the billions upon billions of dollars in gross revenue that the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL produce on an annual basis. They also have an uncountable number of members in their labor force, making each worker’s slice of pie much smaller than that of the athlete. Call it sad. Call it unfair. Call it horribly disproportionate. Call it the real world. Read more…


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