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Shook Ankles: Aged Does Battle With Elderly

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

How Kobe Bryant does this season, coming off offseason knee surgery—that, like Peyton Manning, would be receiving much more attention if it weren’t for a threatening labor stoppage—is one of the more interesting subplots heading into next year. It’s a powerful variable that could help determine a whole bunch of important stuff. If the Lakers are able to bounce back with Mike Brown as their head coach and Kobe is able to remain relatively healthy heading into the spring (not to use an excuse here, but the Kobe Bryant we saw in last year’s playoffs wasn’t exactly robust) then Los Angeles’ search for three titles in four years could thwart the likes of Miami and Oklahoma City—they’ll be flying under the radar even more so than last season and should (one would think) be as motivated as anyone after their perplexing playoff performance. By any and all means, I’m not a fan of Kobe Bryant, but I do recognize his greatness, and as he begins the inevitable fade towards representing a shadow of his former self, it’d be better for us all, as basketball fans, if we could catch one last season of relevant, transformational basketball from a player with unmatched drive and unparalleled credentials.


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Shook Ankles: Kevin Martin Is Fearless

March 22, 2011 1 comment

So, this isn’t what you’d call a top of the line ankle breaker, but boy oh boy is it effective. Kevin Martin (more to come on him later) has a lion’s heart. He has more free throws than anyone in the league this season and weighs about 165 pounds. Why doesn’t he get the love he deserves? Is it the funky shot? The perpetual playing for non-playoff contenders? The one dimensional reputation? What? What else can he possibly do for you? While I calm myself down, hopefully this clip catches your attention; maybe even turning you into a Kevin Martin believer. Rumble young man, rumble.


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