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Analyzing The Anomalous: Greg Stiemsma vs. Portland

March 10, 2012 1 comment

I ask the following question with no disrespect and in the nicest possible way: Seriously, what is Greg Stiemsma? His inhabitance in the NBA is based on two things, size and desperate need for size. The fact that last night, in one of the most lopsided, dominant games played this season, Stiemsma posted a +/- of +1, playing more minutes than any Celtic except for Brandon Bass, is beyond weird, and only begins to devalue the logic of a traditional box score and what it can tell us about a player’s impact. I would feel legitimate guilt if I didn’t say Stiemsma was more than positive in influencing Boston’s merciless obliteration of Nate McMillan’s tenure. He swatted shots. He offered himself up as a threat in spacing the floor. He was an undeniable presence.

Let’s go inside for a closer look at one of the stranger games played this season. Read more…


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