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Shook Ankles: Love For A Maligned Playoff Hero

May 3, 2011 1 comment

Few Hall of Famers have lived a weirder post-playing days public life than Isiah Thomas. Rather than dive into the long list of reasons why, let’s celebrate what the man was truly put on this earth to accomplish: Playing basketball. (And more specifically, crossing up Michael Jordan.)

Shook Ankles: You Want Carmelo? You Got Carmelo

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment

It finally happened. Carmelo Anthony was traded to New York last night for 75 percent of the Knicks’ contributors. Donnie Walsh Isiah Thomas made a move that reeks of panic and hardly leaves the team with any young pieces to build around Stoudemire and Anthony. I like that they managed to keep Landry Fields, but moving Gallinari and Chandler and Felton severely hurts the team’s chances this year and next. Also, good luck signing either Chris Paul or Deron Williams under the diminished salary cap.

Regarding this crossover here, Vince Carter literally looks Isiah Thomas delusional. Like if he keeps running towards the basket, Anthony will too.


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