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Shook Ankles: J.R. Smith Breaks Ankles In A Foreign Language; Stephon Marbury Is Able To Translate

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Hat tip to both my friends Seif and J.A. Sherman of SB Nation’s Welcome to Loud City for pointing these ridiculous crossovers out. It is so painfully obvious that J.R. Smith is destroying all sorts of lesser competition over in China. Imagine him on this Denver squad right now, maybe a bit matured from the overseas experience, not quite as undisciplined with the shot selection. Would that type of depth swallow the league whole? At the least it’d be mighty entertaining. Regardless, I’m waiting for Smith’s triumphant (?) return to the NBA; whenever that may be, it should go as a celebrated event.


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Shook Ankles: J.R. Smith Arrested?

Not sure if this is true, a rumor, or just an unfortunate lie, but the latest out of South Beach has Nuggets guard J.R. Smith crossing fun’s legal limit late last night. I like J.R. Smith: The way he shoots threes completely out of sync with the game’s flow yet make them 70 percent of the time is very Manu Ginobili, and when all the great athletes in the NBA are boiled down his distinct agility sets him apart more than any tattoo ever could or should. Smith was blessed with Household-Name talent but has a Should’ve-Gone-To-College mind. A murky combination for someone entering free agency.

The league should give out an annual “Youtube Award” for the player who did the most eye-popping, acrobatically insane moves throughout the season. If you know what Youtube is then the criteria to win is self explanatory; the moves—whether they be dunks, crossovers, or 360 layups—would be powerful enough to inspire conversation during awkward downtime at the office. They’d have friends shooting each other text messages all over the country and word would spread through Twitter like a new flu strain. The 2011 winner by majority decision would have to be Blake Griffin, but if we could somehow calculate the per 36 minute stats on who’s making jaws drop the most, my money would be on J.R. Smith.


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