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Essay: Second Annual Shaky Ankles NBA Preview!

October 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Predicting the results for an upcoming NBA season, and then blogging about them, can be both pointless and embarrassing. Despite it also being super fun, I’m switching up the normal “Shaky Ankles NBA Preview” style by leaning less on fortune telling and more towards things I’m expecting to excite/intrigue/depress me throughout the next eight months of watching basketball.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve subliminally let my thoughts on MVP and Rookie of the Year known, and since the other major awards that matter are boring and predictable (Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Howard/Sixth Man of the Year: James Harden/Most Improved Player: Darko Milicic) I’ve decided to go a different route. Read more…

Power Ranking: Sorting The All-Star Reserves

February 8, 2012 1 comment

This week I’ll be ranking who I believe deserves to be a reserve in the 2012 All-Star game. All 14 players, from both conferences, will be lumped together and placed in order—from “totally obvious” (1) to “I guess he could maybe be an All-Star?” (14). Read more…

Shook Ankles: Is This The League’s Most Coveted Trade Chip?

July 4, 2011 1 comment

Lockout be damned, it’s July 4th and I yearn for some offseason NBA trade speculation. There’s Monta Ellis, Andre Iguodala, Andrew Bynum, and Andrea Bargnani all seemingly available for the right price, but Josh Smith remains the most intriguing of the bunch. Apart from LeBron James and possibly Blake Griffin, you’d be pressed to find another NBA player possessing more pure raw athleticism in his body. The pogo stick shot blocking ability, the unparalleled ability to instill reassurance in the distributor on any alley-oop attempt he’s involved in, Josh Smith has it all on both ends. What he doesn’t have, however, is self awareness. Read more…

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